About Us & Our Lights

David Mizrahi pursued his dream from the Hinterlands of Byron Bay. His art and passion could be seen in all his creations, and his mantra; "every home needs a special light" soon evolved into beautiful, design-lighting. He knew he was on the right track when customers returned, for more lights, for other rooms; or to purchase birthday presents and wedding gifts. His lights were seen as value and a unique, special home offering, whether to self or for others.

“We use light every night. Beauty, light, and atmosphere support relaxation. We appreciate our home more. Light enhances the way we feel. Good lighting helps the way we love,” says David, “this is how we are”, he continues, “individual expressions of light”.

As the power of these luminary designs continue to have an effect upon us every night of our lives, so they become appreciated as masterpieces of expression. In fact lighting has been described as 'the jewellery of the home' and that's how precious people have found these lights.

Placing his art in the home décor domain, creating pure ambiance and atmosphere makes peoples’ lives brighter. Customers share stories about how they enjoy and use them. "And soon the referrals were flowing. People contacting us because they saw one in a friends' home made a significant impact in building our business" he says.

Since the days selling in local markets ten years ago, until more recently from the Byron Bay Boutique at 109 Jonson Street; when Linda joined him in a professional capacity, she opened the Goonellabah showroom (near Lismore, NSW) in May 2017.

"Those lights just lit me up" she said "I had been seeking an exceptional product or item to market". With David in charge of creation and production, Linda complimented him with her marketing, sales and logistic skills. She's responsible for the business expansion goals. By making these lights available online, and by reaching out to resellers, the beautiful lights are finding more and more homes across Australia to illuminate. 

“Our pieces are constantly changing and evolving as colours, designs and variations come and go, but perhaps our biggest challenge" says Linda "is selling ambiance online. Light is visual and can be photographed, but ambiance is felt; not 'touched' but perceived as a surrounding sensation. It’s intangible”. Responding to yearnings is easy. But entering a global market (giving Australians first dibs of course) we have to master the way of showing ambiance from the screen of an electronic device. 

But moving on to the technical side.

All lights are created with attention to detail. The sculpture becomes a mould for the epoxy resin, a durable finish that simply means your light is likely to outlive you, regardless of your age today. The end result has been hand-crafted and hand-painted by a dedicated team using special techniques. Each light is unique; no two are the same. Sometimes, due to the nature of artisan creations, a small flaw will be seen, but it never deflects from the overall beauty of the ambient outcome.

The mounting (base) is natural wood, Each light is delivered with a 1.8M black cord, plug and on/off switch. You choose your bulb, cool white, warm white or any colour you select to meet your ambiance preferences. Use a screw-in energy-efficient LED light bulb found in most electricity stores. Access to install or change the bulb is a 60-second operation.

We can ship your light direct to your work or home address, or to almost anywhere in the world. Call us on +61 (0)424 792 622 if you want to speak to a person (NSW time zone from 9am to 5pm - Monday to Friday). Email us through this Contact Form.

Take time to browse our Collections page; start shopping for the exceptional; we promise, we will not disappoint !